Bing Zhu Qi Hun
Bing Zhu Qi Hun

Bing Zhu Qi Hun

When Li Shi was born, strange cosmic phenomena occurred and he became a vessel that held the soul fragment of the Master of Weapons. He was hunted by all the clans in the world because of it. Later, he decided to enter a clan to train and find the enemies who tried to kill him and his parents. He accidentally discovered Bai Xiang, a demon tribe formation master from the Hou Clan, who wanted to eat the various tribes of the Mountains and Seas. Ying Gou helped with the test of formation. A conspiracy was about to unfold in the city of Linhai.

(Source: Narul Donghua)

Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Duration: 15 min. per ep. Type: Drama Episodes: 12

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